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New: International discount calls with your mobile phone

Tired of the expensive international rates from your mobile operator? Just use our new access number for mobile phones! Dial 010 7 441 441 followed by the international number you want to reach (include the 00), 1649 connects you at our ultralow international rates. You only pay for this local number, plus the 1649-rate of the country you wish to reach.

For example:
You want to call Thailand. If you use our access number 010 7 441 441, you will pay the normal connection costs for a local call plus the current 1649-rate for Thailand, which is 5 cents per minute. (A Thai Mobile call at 1649 is 13 cents per minute.)

If you call Thailand directly with Vodafone, it will cost you the normal connection costs (depending on your subscription) plus a "world tariff" at one Euro a minute! If you are calling a Thai Mobile, there's an additional 0,26 surcharge. (Source: Vodafone, aug. 2003 )

The costs for the local call are charged to your mobile phone account. These charges take effect the moment you are connected with the 010-number. The international costs are settled via your 1649-account. These charges take effect as soon as you get connected with the international number you dialled. Therefore: If there's no international connection, there will be a small local charge. We don't charge a callsetup.

Registering your mobile phone for this unique service:
If you already have a 1649-account, click here to login. Enter your mobile number in one of the fields for phone numbers. If you don't have a 1649-account, click here to register your (mobile) phone numbers - for free!

Make sure your Caller ID is "on" so our system recognizes your call. To switch your Caller ID on per individual call, enter *31# before each call.

Programming the access number in your address book
Enter our access number before the international number in your address book, with a pause inbetween: 010 7 441 441 Pause 0049 211 1234567 (make sure your international number starts with 00).

Pause on a Nokia:
press 3 times the "*" key (a "p" appears in your display).

Pause on a Siemens/Panasonic:
Press and hold the "0" key untill a "+" appears.

Pause on a Motorola / Ericsson:
Press and hold the "*" key untill the "p" appears.

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