Welkom bij 1649. Goedkoop bellen in binnen- en buitenland.    
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1649 Mobile

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How to use 1649?
First make sure you are calling from a registered phoneline. Registration is free, easy and takes no more than 5 minutes. You can use 1649 straight away. To profit from our low rates, all you have to do is dial "1649" before each call - that's all!

For instance, a call to Amsterdam:
Dial 1649-020-1234567
For instance, a call to Germany:
Dial 1649-0049-211-1234567

- Don't forget the double zero before the country-code (0049 for germany) when you're calling international.
- For local calls, you can omit the area-code.
- ISDN-users: make sure all your numbers are registered with 1649
- Kabeltelefoon customers (like Priority, UPC, Kabelfoon) cannot use the 1649 prefix :(
- The 1649 prefix also doesn't work from mobile phones. - If you want to profit from the low 1649 rates with your mobile, click here.

1649 doesn't offer preselection (yet), so you'll have to dial "1649" before each call. If you are already preselected with other companies like OneTel, or Tele2, it is always possible to call for our (much lower) rates, simply by dialling "1649" before your call. To get rid of your current preselection subscription, simply call 0800-1273 (freecall)

You pay per called minuut. The startup-fee is 4,5 cents. The current rates can be found on our site. Before each call you'll hear the current rate (an option exclusive for 1649 - you will not find this option withh any of our collegues). There are no additional costs, subscribtion-fees or minimum amounts.

Register your phonelines for free via our website. By registering, you'll allow 1649 to withdraw the costs for your calls from your bank/giro or credit card account.

Changing and managing your account:
You can change your customer info via our website. In order to obtain your customer number, call 0800-1649 (freephone) from a registered line.

The 1649 invoice
To be cost-effective, we don't send our invoices via regular mail. You can view your invoice in virtually realtime via our website, or opt to send it to your emailaddress.

Ook zo blij met 1649? Vertel het al je vrienden!

Mijn vriend woont in Engeland en met 1649 kan ik hem zo vaak bellen als ik wil, zonder dat ik me druk hoef te maken over de kosten!!! Jullie zijn geweldig!!!

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